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Basic Colors

Note: These are the color settings for the base color scheme for your store. If you are looking to override certain color elements on the homepage, go to the Custom Colors tab. If your color changes are not displaying here, check the Custom Color Settings to see if any of those are already enabled.

mosaic theme basic color settings

Background – This is the color of the background for your entire site.

Background – alternative – This is the background color for the sticky header (on tablet/mobile) slideout menu, the video module, the gallery module, and the blog module.

Text – This is the color of all the general text elements on your site.

Alert/accent – This is the color for the sale label and for error messages across the site.

Link – This is the color of the text links.

Link – hover – This is the color of the text links, on hover.

Link- active – This is the color of the text links, when you’re on the same page.

Button text – This is the color of the text inside the buttons.

Button background – hover – This is the background color of the buttons.

Form elements background – This is the color of the form fields across the site.

Form elements text – This is the color of the placeholder text inside the newsletter signup field on the homepage.

Lines – This is the color of the line elements on the site (e.g. footer divider line)











Image hover style – This determines whether you have a white or black overlay on your product images when you hover over them. For the white image overlay, the text color will be the same as the color you’ve chosen for “Text”. For the black image overlay, the text color will be white, for legibility purposes. Here are examples of both:

mosaic theme light image overlay mosaic theme dark image overlay