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Can I add my own font?

Adding a custom font is not normally too difficult, but the the way that you do it depends on where that font is coming from.

Normally, if your font is from Google, Typekit,, etc., they will provide you with instructions on how to add the font to your website. For example:

  • Typekit: If your font is from Typekit, you can go here for their instructions. Shopify also has a helpful guide here.
  • Google Fonts: If your font is from Google Fonts, they have some helpful instructions here. Shopify also has instructions here.
  • Custom fonts: Shopify has instructions here.

Again, it’s not difficult, but we do recommend having someone with some experience with HTML/CSS do it for you if you are uncomfortable editing code.

If you have another custom font from a place that doesn’t offer any instructions, you’ll need to have an experienced developer help you out. Again, it’s usually not too difficult, but we do suggest getting help from a professional.