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Mosaic Theme Version History

This is a list of all of the versions of our Mosaic theme, along with their release dates and what we changed. Ordered from newest to oldest releases.

For help updating your version of the theme, please read Shopify’s guide on updating themes.


Version Release Date Updates
2.0.0 Jan 19 2017 Theme settings revamp!

  • The theme settings are now compatible with Shopify’s new theme editor, where you can edit and reorder “sections” within the theme layout.
  • We’ve removed theme settings that were made irrelevant by the new “sections” feature.


  • Copy for the theme settings should now be more clear.

Removed features

  • Mailchimp: Custom fields (such as the Mailchimp action URL) are no longer allowed in Shopify’s new theme editor, so we had to remove the built-in Mailchimp integration. By default, the newsletter field will still be linked to Shopify’s built-in Accepts Marketing tag for your customers. However, if you’d like to add the Mailchimp integration back in, you’ll need to have a developer customize the theme code for you.
1.1.0 Nov 3 2016 New features

  • Homepage Instagram module: This has been added back! (…After several versions where we did not include it in the theme due to Instagram’s changing of their API.)
  • Product page: We’ve added a theme setting to allow you to disable the zoom feature.
  • Cart: Order notes has been added as a theme setting. They work the same way that Order notes work in Shopify’s own themes — see this guide.
  • Apple Pay: Shopify added Apple Pay as a payment option in September 2016. Our theme has been updated to accommodate this feature.


  • Homepage mosaic module: Images are now displayed at the highest resolution possible
  • Theme settings > Color: All theme settings related to color have been reorganized and improved for increased usability.

Bug fixes

  • Homepage blog module: Fixed an issue where the “View all posts” link improperly linked back to the homepage or the default blog URL, instead of a custom blog specified in the theme settings
1.0.12 Apr 18 2016
  • Improved image zoom functionality on the product page.
1.0.11 Mar 30 2016
  • Fixed a cosmetic syntax error within collection-grid-item.liquid. Site functionality was not affected.
  • Removed extraneous jquery.min.js asset, a remnant of the development process.
1.0.10 Feb 25 2016
  • Fixed an issue where some text was not translate-able in the language settings (the title of the Search results page and the breadcrumbs)
1.0.9 Feb 25 2016
  • Fixed a Liquid error that was caused by a module import typo on the About page template. On line 59 of page.about.liquid, it should import module-signup instead of homepage-signUp.
1.0.8 Feb 23 2016
  • Removed Google Font http and https links because they were interfering with Shopify’s SSL certificate activation. Replaced them with a protocol-independent URL.
1.0.7 Feb 11 2016
  • Updated AJAX “Added to Cart” popover and cart slideout to allow users to follow Shopify’s currency switcher tutorial. Previously, the HTML passed via the currency switcher was being passed as a string instead of being rendered as HTML markup.
1.0.6 Feb 11 2016
  • Fixed an issue in the translation file where some translation fields were missing
  • Added a “Sign Up” link to the slide-out navigation, when customer accounts are set to “required” (By default Shopify does not do this.)
  • Added a “Sign Up” link to the Login page, when customer accounts are set to “required” (By default, Shopify does not do this.)
1.0.5 Feb 5 2016
  • Removed Instagram module due to Instagram’s changing of their API
1.0.4 Jan 7 2016
1.0.3 Jan 4 2016
1.0.2 Dec 9 2016
1.0.1 Dec 8 2016
1.0.0 Nov 13 2015