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Remove Sort By filter

On the Collections page of our Mosaic theme, our theme displays a Sort By filter on the top right. This tutorial will show you how to remove this Sort By filter.


1. Go to Edit HTML/CSS to edit the theme code. Shopify has a guide on how to do this here.

2. In the Templates folder, open the file called collection.liquid.

3. Around line 94-107, you should see the following code:

 <div class="collectionGrid-filter block">
 <label for="#collectionFilter">{{ 'collections.sorting_dropdown.label' | t }}</label>
 <span class="selectArrow"></span>
 <select id="collectionFilter" class="filter">
 <option value="">{{ 'collections.sorting_dropdown.all' | t }}</option>
 <option value="best-selling">{{ 'collections.sorting_dropdown.best_selling' | t }}</option>
 <option value="price-ascending">{{ 'collections.sorting_dropdown.price_ascending' | t }}</option>
 <option value="price-descending">{{ 'collections.sorting_dropdown.price_descending' | t }}</option>
 <option value="title-ascending">{{ 'collections.sorting_dropdown.title_ascending' | t }}</option>
 <option value="title-descending">{{ 'collections.sorting_dropdown.title_descending' | t }}</option>
 <option value="created-ascending">{{ 'collections.sorting_dropdown.created_ascending' | t }}</option>
 <option value="created-descending">{{ 'collections.sorting_dropdown.created_descending' | t }}</option>

4. Delete the code in red above. Your new code should look like this:

 <div class="collectionGrid-filter block">