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Slide-out navigation

Updated as of Mosaic Version 1.0.10

These are the theme settings for the Slide-out navigation:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 17.44.40Menus
The slide-out menu can show up to 2 menus.

For the first menu, the slide-out navigation will use the menu called “Main menu.” You can edit the links that appear in this menu in your Shopify store admin by going to Online Store > Navigation > Main Menu > Edit Menu.

The second menu, if activated, will appear directly below the first menu, with a small horizontal line to separate the two. To activate a second menu, you’ll need to create a new menu and then select it from the “Secondary menu” dropdown.

For help creating and editing menus, Shopify has a robust guide on them here.

Social Media Icons
This setting will allow you to show or hide social media icons in the slide-out navigation. To edit the social media accounts that these icons are connected to, go to the “Social Media” section of the theme settings.

Newsletter sign-up
This setting will allow you to show or hide a newsletter sign up field in the slide-out navigation. The newsletter sign up field here is the exact same as the newsletter module that you can enable to appear on the homepage. So, to edit the language and the settings for this newsletter section, go to the “Home page – newsletter module” section of the theme settings.